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The Art Monitor

German Photographer Refuses Award for His AI “Photo”


by: Rhyea Nayyar | April 16, 2023

A Note from TS Project Art:

The buzz, a mere three or so years ago was all about NTSs (non-fungible tokens) and became inextricably linked to the Christie’s sale of the NFT for the right’s (registered on the blockchain) to the jpeg of The First 5000 Days, 2021 by digital artist, Beeple.

Now Artificial Intelligence (AI) is seeping more and more into the creation of artwork through Apps such as the cleverly named , Dall-E 2, and others such as Midjourney, and Stable.  While the Italian artist Alessandro Gianni has developed his own AI application Vasari named after the 16th century painter Giorgio Vasari. 


Then there is Chat GPT (Chat Generative Pre-trained Transformer) in the arena of the written word.  Even as I write this text, the website has given me the option to utilize AI with the click of a button that reads "Create AI Text."

All of this introspection about the future use of AI as it "creeps" into our lives was sparked by the Hyperallergic article that appeared in a recent newsletter.  The article highlights German artist Boris Eldagsen who entered his AI generated photograph to a juried professional photography call. The photograph won the top award and then the Berlin based artist refused to accept the award. Read the article to discover the reason for his refusal of the award from the 2023 Sony World Photography competition.

Michael Heizer’s Epic Desert Installation

More Than 50 Years in the Making

Has Finally Arrived

by: Alex Greenberger

ARTnews | Newsletter

August 19, 2022

A Note from TS Project Art:


Before delving into the article, I would like to share my thoughts on Heizer's project titled, City, realizing it will be subject to  an array of  commentary; some of it focusing on the aesthetic appeal, to the implications of such a massive intervention upon a pristine landscape, and to wild hubris on the part of the artist. 


Personally I have fallen on the side of being completely swept up, and awe struck by the undertaking, and finding it ultimately a playground of sorts for all minimalists at heart.

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